What do we stand for?

PMD is a service centre specialising in the area of Performance & Management Development. Our aim is to help individuals and teams in the pursuit of high performance.

Within a framework of both general and specially developed concepts, models and tools we look at performance as the outcome of an interactive system that operates at different levels of an organisation:

  • At business unit level, we help teams to clarify and deploy their business strategy so as to create a suitable organisational structure and - culture;
  • At process level, we facilitate the design and implementation of key business processes;
  • At job level, we are enable individuals and teams to perform and excel in their job.

We deliver these services through consultancy, training, coaching and teaming interventions.

How do we position ourselves?

In the broad market of business consultancy companies and training institutes, we at PMD like to position ourselves as a niche-player, with a limited but clearly defined scope of interventions.

Our customer relationships are characterised by the quality of 'client-intimacy'.

To be successful in our interventions and missions we propose and foster co-productive relationships.

In our experience such relationships are created through an ongoing process of shared exploration, solution building and result accomplishment.

Are you looking ...

… for improvements in the overall performance of your organisation? Are you willing to articulate your business strategy, to improve your organisational structure and processes?

… for approaches, aids and tools to manage the performances of individuals and teams?

to enhance the leadership, management and (team) coaching skills of your staff?

If so, you should consider contacting us at info@pmdservices.be.

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